College of Science, Technology, and Health

2013 STEM Scholars

The 2013-2014 STEM Scholars

Shea Gunther Computer Science
Nickolas Littlefield Computer Science
Nicholas Randall Engineering
Mark Jacobs Engineering
Maria Boyadjieva Computer Science
Keith Crogan Environmental Science
Kassandra Girard Environmental Science
Joseph McIntire Computer Science
Joseph Darcy  Computer Science
Jesse McIntire  Mechanical Engineering
James Duffy  Computer Science
Eric Jensen  Computer Science
Dustin Hatch  Technology Management
Corey Oliver  Electrical Engineering
Christopher Hunter  Computer Science
Benjamin McIntire  Computer Science
Andrew Norster  Electrical Engineering
Amanda Martin  Environmental Science
Alex Weeman  Technology Management
Adam Hanson  Computer Science

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USM Pioneers students speak about why they are interested in staying in Maine to study in the STEM fields.

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