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Blackboard Assignments

To Create Assignments:

When you use Blackboard's Create Assignment tool, your assignment is automatically linked to the Grade Center.  Student submissions will upload directly into the grade center for you to download, review and grade.
Blackboard video | USM video

Step 1 - Select Course

Select Course

Step 2 - Select the Content Area where you wish to add your assignment. This could be a content area called assignments, or you may want to create Unit or Weekly folders that contain all assignments, readings, discussions and lectures.

Select Content Area

Step 3 - Click Create Assessment, then select Assignment.

Create Assessment

Step 4 - Name Assignment, Type Instructions, Attach any files you may want, Assign Points possible, Make the Assignment Available, Allow for multiple attempts if desired, Enter Due Date, Choose whether this is an individual or group assignment, Click Submit.


Fill in Form

Step 5 - The Assignment is now available to your students

Assignment Available

To View Submitted Assignments

1 - Go to Grade Center to find submissions. There will be a green icon that indicates assignment has been submitted. (Blackboard video)

2 - Click on chevron next to green icon to Select View Grade Details

View Grade Details

3 - Click on View Attempt

View Attempt

4 - Review submission - Click on attached file to review submission, Enter Grade, Enter Feedback, Click Browse to upload file (if you have added comments to original file - be sure to rename), Click Save and Exit or Save and Next.

Review Submission Enter Grade