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Blackboard Auto Graded Tests

Why does a GREEN exclamation symbol display in the Grade Center after students have completed an auto graded test?

The answer to this questions boils down to the use of the "Set Timer" feature in a tests properties.  If this timer is enabled, students are presented with a countdown clock during the test.  This timer does NOT automatically submit the test at the end of the countdown ; however you are notified of a students excession of the time by a green exclamation symbol in the grade center.  As an instructor, you will then need to approve (accept) the grade that was already auto graded by the system.   This gives you the ability to adjust the grade if a student has exceeded a test limit.

Set Timer feature:
set timer

When there is a GREEN exclamation symbol present in the Grade Center column for a Test, view the students attempt.  In the attempt, you will be able to expand the "Test Information" field to view the amount of time a student exceeded the timer.

test information

The remaining step is to approve (accept) the grade or manually edit.