Center for Technology Enhanced Learning

Blackboard Copy a Quiz

In order to copy a quiz from one section to another, you will need to follow these steps:

1.  Go to the course that has the quiz you want
2.  Go to the control panel
3.  Choose 'Course Tools'
4.  Then select 'Tests, Surveys and Pools'
5.  Click on 'Tests'
6.  Beside the quiz you want to export, click on the downward facing contextual arrows and choose 'Export'

The quiz will then automatically download to your default downloads folder on your computer.  The file will be downloaded as a .zip file.  It is important that you keep the file in this format.  This is the required format for importing.  

To import:
7.  Go to the course where you want to quiz to be uploaded
8.  Go to the control panel
9.  Choose 'Course Tools'
10.  Then select 'Tests, Surveys and Pools'
11.  Click on 'Tests'
12.  Click the blue 'Import Test' button
13.  Click on the 'Browse my computer' button and select the downloaded .zip for the quiz
14.  Click Submit

The file will then upload to the course and properly place the quiz in the course.  The quiz is not yet deployed, however.  You will have to go to the content area you wish the quiz to be viewed from and use the 'Create Assessment -> Test' dropdown option.  You will see the quiz listed for selection.  By choosing, this will deploy it in the content area.