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CMS 150: The Writing Process

(Faculty: Dennis Gilbert | CTEL Learning Designer: Pieter Tryzelaar)

Dennis GilbertPieter

CMS 150: The Writing Process, taught by Dennis Gilbert, is an exciting new online course that was launched during the first summer session of 2014. CTEL Learning Designer, Pieter Tryzelaar, collaborated on the course design.


CLA 171The Writing Process is a study of various uses and practices in word-based communication as it pertains to media generally and its relationship to images in particular. The foundation of this course frames the practice of writing as just one component in an integrated system of “languages,” including the written and spoken word and the still and moving image. In taking this approach, students in CMS 150 will find that a) there is much to learn about writing from a close study of imagery; and b) they can become better writers by becoming better readers and makers of images.  

CMS 150Students are introduced to the history and aesthetics of documentary film and develop their writing through a combination of readings, lectures, film screenings, discussions, peer workshops, weekly writing “studies”, and two term projects – a documentary research presentation and a photographic essay. CMS 150 is delivered through a combination of Blackboard and a custom designed course website, which allows for the integration of multiple learning technologies, including Google Drive and VoiceThread. Each student has also been provided with an ePortfolio to present and share their work with their classmates.

CMS 150

CMS 150


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