Center for Technology Enhanced Learning

Create a Photo Blog

Many faculty ask how they can have students post photos of themselves to further community in their online or blended courses. In Blackboard, the easiest way to make these photos available and scrollable is to use a course blog. You can make this an introductory assignment early in the course -- even the first week, helping students become with their colleagues as well as their course environment. Photos can also be shared as attachments in the discussion board, but the following instructions will allow the photos to display without having to open attachments.

Instructions for Faculty to Create Blog:

  • Go to Tools > Blogs > Create Blog
  • Name the Blog and post instructions for students (e.g. Please Create a Blog Entry and include a photo of yourself that may help us all get to know you better. Feel free to include a line or two explaining what your photo depicts.)
  • Be sure to make it a COURSE blog, rather than individual.
  • You can create a course link to the blog in any content area.
  • It is usually helpful for you to add your own blog entry as an example.

Posting Instructions:

  • Go to Tools > Blogs and find the Photo Blog.
  • Click on the blog title.
  • This will bring you to instructions and a screen that offers Create Blog Entry.
    Create Blog Entry
  • On the next screen, add your name to the Title Box.
  • Next, use the attach image icon in the text editor.
    (This allows your photo to display without the need to open an attachment.)

    Insert Image Icon

  • Try to keep your photo small ... preferably less than 500 pixels in width.
  • You can set the display dimension in the dialogue box,

    Image properties
  • or you can click and drag the corner of the image to adjust display size after you submit.

    Drag corner to resize