Center for Technology Enhanced Learning

CTEL Adobe Acrobat Professional

Adobe Acrobat Professional has the capability to add audio comments to students' papers. The sound and intonations of your voice will add to your presence in their learning. You can also use Acrobat Professional to add narration to a PowerPoint presentation which can then be posted to the web or in Blackboard.

Using Acrobat to give feedback on assignments

CTEL does provide Adobe Acrobat Professional for Online Faculty.  The software is available from the Campus Computer store and is only available for install on University owned desktops or laptops.  Personal machines are restricted due to licensing rules between the University and Adobe.

To request a copy of Acrobat Pro, you must submit the proper information for a Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) grant and you MUST be requesting for installation on a University owned machine (PC or Mac).  When the software is available, the computing store will contact you to arrange for a time to install your software.