Center for Technology Enhanced Learning

CTEL Faculty Ambassadors Past and Present

The Ambassadors are ready and willing to help you with any technology-related teaching and learning issues, problems, concerns, questions, etc. They can sit and talk with you about online pedagogy, universal design, tech gadgets, student-created multimedia, integrating technology in F2F classes, and just about any other technology topic!

Previous Ambassadors:

Luci Benedict, Assistant Professor, Chemistry (P)

Julien Murphy, Professor of Philosophy (P)

Prashant MittalStatistician at the Muskie School of Public Service and a lecturer at the School of Business (P)

Judy Shepard-Kegl, Professor in Linquistics (P)

Sharon Timberlake, Leadership and Organizational Studies Program (LAC)

Jeff Beaudry, Associate Professor, Professional Education (co-chair) (P)

Alan Kaschub, Instructor, School of Music (G)

Dan Stasko, Assistant Professor, Natural & Applied Sciences (LAC)

Betty Robinson, Associate Professor, Leadership and Organization Studies (LAC)