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Sharing innovations, technologies, and best practices in the teaching and learning space.


Past Speaker Series Events:


A Review of MOOC Research: What Questions Are Scholars Asking?

Monday, May 19


USM Portland Campus

In this May CTEL Speaker Series discussion, faculty members Maureen Ebben and Julien Murphy will talk about their recent publication that surveys the first decade of scholarly research about Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).  While popular accounts, editorials, and commentary about MOOCS abound, the purpose of this discussion is to cut through the noise to analyze empirical research published in scholarly journals about MOOCs.



Support in Hand: Mobility, Nudges and Greater Academic Success

Wednesday, May 7th 

1:00pm to 2:30pm

423/424 Glickman Library, USM Portland Campus

Join guest speaker, Jill Frankfort in a discussion about a strategy for increasing student retention includes time sensitive, interactive, academic support grounded in behavioral science and automated is delivered to students via their mobile devices. She will share lessons learned from work with students in introductory courses at the University of Washington-Tacoma, a campus of 4,300 students, that has wrestled with issues of retention since it opened in 1990.



Open Badges: Re-imagining Credentialing for the Digital Age

Wednesday, April 30th

1pm to 2:30pm

215 Abromson Center, USM Portland Campus

Explore Open Badges with guest speaker Erin Knight, Executive Director of Badge Alliance. During this presentation, Erin Knight will share updates on Badging, provide examples of where they are being successfully used across the ecosystem, and provide examples of opportunities where higher education institutions can leverage badging within their own systems.



Online Course Design Showcase: Collaborations between USM Faculty and CTEL Learning Designers

Wednesday, April 16th

1:00pm to 2:30pm

214/215 Abromson Center

USM Faculty and CTEL Learning Designers will share outcomes of their collaboration on online courses that are being offered to USM students during the spring 2014 semester. Faculty-CTEL Learning Designer collaborations to be presented include Lisa Giles’ EYE Nature, Self, & Society, Muhammad El-Taha BUS 370 Management Science, Clover Jordan’s MAT9 and MAY101, and Melissa Rosenberg’s HCE612 Multicultural Counseling.



Accessibility Series


Noon to 1:30pm
1/30, 2/6, 2/27, & 3/6

The Spring 2014 Accessibility Series is designed to guide faculty in adopting foundational practices that result in accessible digital learning experiences for USM students, including learners with disabilities. Topics include basic characteristics of disabilities; resources and assistance provided for both students and faculty by USM’s Disability Services Center; practical considerations when developing courses; steps for ensuring accessibility of course readings and educational materials; and features of Blackboard that maximize use and engagement by all students.

This series is led by USM Faculty members Cynthia Curry and Julie Alexandrin and USM’s Director of Disability Services Center Joanne Benica.

Spring 2014 Accessibility Series events include:



We're Flipping Crazy: The Chemistry Flipped Classroom Experience

Tuesday, February 25

1pm to 2:30pm

110 Abromson Center, USM Portland Campus

Lucille Benedict and Jim Ford, Associate Professors in Chemistry, will present the new classroom model that is being used in the Principles of Chemistry I (CHY 113) course here at USM. In this talk they will focus on the successes, challenges, and the future of the course, as well as explain how this model could be implemented in other courses at USM.


The Meinersmann-Randall Transformed Model of Nursing Education
Krista Meinersmann Carla Randall

Wednesday, November 6th
1pm to 2:30pm
Room 213 Abromson Center

 Join Dr. Krista Meinersmann and Dr. Carla Randall as they share their transformed model of nursing education addressing critical issues and concerns facing nursing education today. The M-R TMNE relies on the use of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), prior learning assessment, comprehensive testing, the flipped classroom methodology, and extensive simulation and clinical-based hands-on learning.

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Using Research About Online Learning to Inform Online Teaching Practice
Walter KimballWednesday, October 23rd
1pm to 2:30pm
301 Bailey Hall, Gorham Campus

Faculty members Rachel Brown-Chidsey and Walter Kimball share online learning research findings and the resulting teaching practices that have had staying power in their online courses.  Special emphasis will be placed on synchronizing varied elements of the online learning environment, the organization of course content, and teacher presence.

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Robert Sanford

Things We Wish That We Knew When We Went On-line For the First Time
Wednesday, September 18th
1:00pm to 2:30pm
Abromson Center

Thinking about developing an on-line course? Wondering what you should know as you consider embarking down this path? A panel of four people, two who have created multiple on-line courses, two who have just finished creating their first, will discuss what they wished they knew from the get-go. This faculty panel discussion will be facilitated by Rob Sanford. Panel discussion participants also include: John Broida, Betty Robinson, & Libby Biischof.

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John Broida, PhDGrading of Essay Exams by Machines
by John Broida, PhD
Wednesday, June 11th
1:00-2:30 PM, 5th Floor Glickman Library

Presentation on the use of computers to automate grading of student essays, in particular the SAGrader tool.

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Lenny Shedletsky, PhD

The State of Discussion and Critical Thinking
by Leonard Shedletsky, PhD
Wednesday, June 26th
1:00-2:30 PM. Abromson Center

Explore the good, the bad, and the ugly of discussions and gain a keener ability to think about your own discussions.

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The CTEL Speaker Series is focused on presentations and group discussions around learning science and technology. 

We welcome community suggestions on topics, presenters, and projects. Please feel free to share with us any topics you would like to see presented. This may include topics you want to present, topics you would like others to present, or general themes you would like to see included.

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