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EYE199: Northern Forest Canoe Trail Course

EYE199 | Northern Forest Canoe Trail Course (Faculty: Dr. Rob Sanford, Dr. Joe Staples and Dr. Liz Vella | Learning Designer: Rucha Modak)

Dr. Rob SanfordDr. Liz VellaDr. Joe StaplesRucha Modak






Dr. Rob Sanford and Dr. Joe Staples from the Department of Environmental Science are collaborating with Dr. Liz Vella from the Department of Psychology to offer a unique Entry Year Experience (EYE) course. CTEL Learning Designer Dr. Rucha Modak is providing design and technology support. EYE 199 is a completely online, mostly self-paced course to be completed in a 6-week period starting June 30. Students participate by completing at least 10 days canoeing along the Northern Forest Canoe Trail (NFCT), which extends from Old Forge, New York to Fort Kent, Maine. During this period, they complete a set number of assignments - most at a time and place of their choosing - and submit their reports in the form of documents, videos and images to the three instructors. Included in these assignments is contribution of data, management plan, activities, etc. to the NFCT organization. 

NFCT Google Community

Since this course eschews the structure followed by most for-credit courses, a sense of community is critical. The course uses a Google Community for students to share their images and any public resources. The community also serves as a space for non-USM entities to be a part of the experience. Students can submit assignments through Blackboard or through privately shared Google Drive folders, and grades reside in Blackboard.