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How to Setup Google + Hangouts on Air

Google + Hangouts on Air is a new tool that allows you live stream and record a Google Hangout session. Setting up a Hangout on Air is very simple.

1. Navigate to  and sign in using  your MaineStreet username and password.\


2.  In order create a Google Hangout on Air, you will first need to activate your UMS Google + account and your YouTube account.  (Make sure you sign out of all other Gmail accounts first.)

  • Activating Google+ : After signing in to UMS Gmail account, click on “+You” located on the upper right side of the screen.  Follow along with the prompts to complete your Google + public profile. Once your Google + account is enabled, you will see a “+” next to your name.
  • Activating YouTube: After signing in to UMS Gmail account, click on the mini squares icon. Then click on “More”.  Finally click on YouTube. On the following screen, click on “Sign in”, located on the upper right corner- this will activate your YouTube account. Follow the prompts to set up your YouTube profile.

more       YouTube

3. Once you complete these steps, navigate to Google + : Next, click on the “Home” icon, located on the upper left side of the screen. A dropdown menu will appear. Click on “Hangouts on Air” to continue.


4. On the following screen, click on “Start a Hangout On Air”.


5. Give your Hangout On Air a title. You are given the option to invite people to participate. Last step is to click on “Start Hangout On Air”.


6. Starting live stream: It will take a moment for the stream to process. Once it finishes loading, click  on “Start broadcast”


7. To get the URL to the live stream, click on “Links”, located in the lower right corner.



8. To end the live stream, click “Stop Broadcast”.


9. To end the Hangout session, click on the red phone icon.


10. Your recording will be located in your YouTube Video Manager. 


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