Center for Technology Enhanced Learning

MAT9 and MAT101

(Faculty: Clover Jordan | CTEL Learning Designer: Rucha Modak)

Clover JordanRucha ModakIn Spring 2014, USM's Department of Learning Foundations and the Department of Mathematics and Statistics collaborated with CTEL to design two of their remedial mathematics courses fully online. Both courses are being taught by Clover Jordan, who has taught these courses face-to-face in the past. Clover worked with CTEL Learning Designer Rucha Modak to create online resources for both classes. While Blackboard served as the primary organizational and communication space for the courses, an external learning management system called MyMathLab was heavily employed to make quizzes and homework problems available to the students.

MyMathLabMyMathLab is a publisher run website tied to textbook content and students buy access to it when they buy the textbook. Clover was able to integrate her original powerpoint videos in MyMathLab, which she created using the online tool ‘Screencast-O-Matic’ and published on YouTube. In addition to face-to-face office hours, Clover met her students through Adobe Connect and used a Wacom tablet to demonstrate equations in its whiteboard space.

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