Cutler Institute for Health and Social Policy

Rebecca (Becky) Harvey, L.S.W.

Director of Workforce Development
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Office Location

12 E. Chestnut Street, Augusta


(207) 626-5266


Becky is responsible for oversight and compliance with terms of a comprehensive staff education and training contract with the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Office for Family Independence. She is an experienced project manager, now leading a team of Muskie staff who provide an array of training for staff, management, and senior leadership in areas of public welfare, including eligibility, child support enforcement, and disability determination services. Before coming to Muskie, she worked more than two decades within Maine DHHS, and since 2000, has worked with DHHS partners and other stakeholders through her positions at the Muskie School. At Muskie, Becky has provided leadership and operational management in several state/university partnerships, overseeing funding, staffing, projects, deliverables, and the dissemination of information for child welfare and public welfare training. Becky also has directed the design of curricula and the implementation of classroom-based and blended training programs and evaluation.