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Data Innovation Project

“The Art and Science of Data-Based Decision Making”

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The Data Innovation Project (DIP) was started in early 2016 in response to the growing need for local organizations and government entities to use data in meaningful ways. The demand for data-informed decision making has outpaced knowledge and capacity of how to collect and utilize data and many Maine organizations struggle to keep up. Data-informed decision making helps organizations define needs, set goals, plan interventions, and evaluate progress, which ultimately improves their efficacy and overall impact. 

The DIP improves organizational capacity for data-informed decision making by providing access to affordable information and instruction, skilled technical assistance, and open access to our growing data and resource repository. We strive to educate and advise using only industry best practices and evidence-based models.


To increase the capacity of organizations to utilize data to clearly define their work, achieve results, and demonstrate impact in Maine’s private and public sectors.


Maine organizations are empowered to use data to affect change and tell compelling stories.


The DIP is funded by the University of Southern Maine through Maine Economic Improvement Funds and is housed within the Muskie School of Public Service.