Cutler Institute for Health and Social Policy

Expanding Access to Recreation and Social/Cultural Activities


The goal of this project was to expand opportunities for integrated recreational, social and cultural activities in Maine for people with disabilities. The project staff used a multi-faceted approach to raise awareness and inform recreation program owners and managers to improve access and accommodation and to provide communication tools to inform consumers of accessible recreational opportunities. Staff worked to make contacts with existing activities in the state and to link and collaborate with the programs that could offer support and sustainability. Activities proposed included:
1. Establishing a resource network of recreation facilities, school, and community/municipal program administrators and consumers with disabilities who utilize facilities/programs to identify ways to expand access and utilization.
2. Developing and disseminating a web-based Universal Access and Technical Assistance Tool Kit for recreational facilities to improve access.
3. Working with Portland Connections to learn about the model and facilitate the replication of it in three communities in the state.
4. Assembling the information for marketing and distribution in coordination with a consumer-friendly website that lists accessible recreational, social and cultural facilities and activities along with resource links for facilities.

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Publish Date: 
October 30, 2004