Cutler Institute for Health and Social Policy

Making a Brighter Future for Foster Youth in York County, Maine


Since 2004, the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative has awarded grants to the Muskie School of Public Service to convene and facilitate the Maine Youth Transition Collaborative (MYTC). This Collaborative engages youth, as well as public and private partners from around the state, to support young people currently or formerly in foster care as they transition to adult life. Statewide partners come together in an advisory capacity; others collaborate with young people on committees and workgroups; and in some communities, the efforts have focused on building local community networks. Through the collaboration and support of its partners, MYTC has learned to broaden and deepen its approach to building community support. This 5-page paper, "Making a Brighter Future for Foster Youth in York County, Maine", sponsored by Maine Network Partners and Common Good Ventures, tells the story of lessons learned from two experiences in community network building. It provides a case example of how a community-based network comprised of youth, as well as public, private, and non profit participants, can drive significant positive change.

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September 28, 2009