Cutler Institute for Health and Social Policy

Managing a High-Performance Medicaid Program


This report discusses key responsibilities that the federal government and states hold for managing the Medicaid program and identifies the key issues and challenges states face as they transform the way they do business and achieve key national goals.  The paper relies on an extensive review of federal and state administrative responsibilities drawn from statute, regulation, and relevant literature, coupled with discussions with six current Medicaid directors.

Key Findings:

  • Federal and state governments share responsibility for administering Medicaid;
  • Medicaid's responsibilities go significantly beyond those of other insurers and programs;
  • Medicaid is evolving and faces a set of new opportunities and challenges;
  • Adequate administrative capacity is key to realizing the goal of running a high performing Medicaid program.

Suggested Citation:

Griffin E, Riley T, Wachino V, Rudowitz R. Managing a High-Performance Medicaid Program. Menlo Park, CA: Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured; October, 2013.

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Publish Date: 
October 21, 2013