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Older Adults and Adults With Disabilities: Population and Service Use Trends in Maine, 2012 Edition. Chartbook.


This Chartbook is an update to the Chartbook: Older Adults and Adults with Physical Disabilities: Population and Service Use Trends in Maine 2010. With the aging of Maine’s population and its status as the “oldest” state in the nation, the use of long term services continues to be a critical public policy issue in the State and nationally. The information in this Chartbook is provided to help inform state policy makers, legislators, providers, advocates and others with an interest in this subject.

Outline of the Chartbook:

  • Sections 1-4 of this Chartbook provide general demographic information on historical and projected change in the population of older adults in Maine, by county and compared with other states. These sections also provide an overview of the number of older adults who live in poverty, have a disability and live in rural areas.
  • Sections 5 and 6 provide comparisons of the characteristics of people who live in nursing facilities, residential care facilities and at home.
  • Sections 7-10 examine the trends in the use and “case mix” of people in nursing facilities and residential care facilities.
  • Section 11 provides an overview of the supply of nursing and residential care facilities and beds.
  • Section 12 includes a summary of selected quality indicators across long term care settings.
  • Section 13 provides a comparison of the use of services across long term care settings and
  • Section 14 provides comparative expenditure data.

When referencing or using any of the charts or other materials in the Chartbook, please use the following recommended citation:

Fralich, J. et al., Older Adults and Adults with Disabilities: Population and Service Use Trends in Maine, 2012 Edition. (Chartbook). Portland, ME: University of Southern Maine, Muskie School of Public Service; 2012. Available at:

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December 30, 2012