Cutler Institute for Health and Social Policy

Pain Management at the End of Life [Project Brief]


Through public forums with health care providers and consumers, the Maine Hospice Council identified a need for increased pain management education for health care professionals. Confusion among providers and consumers regarding legal issues, often state specific, concerning pain management at the end-of-life is prevalent. Further, lack of pain education during medical school training is frequently cited.
The Maine Hospice Council considered various ways to meet this need for pain management education. It was felt that a conference or training seminar would not reach a significant number of providers and an alternative method of education was formulated. Many physicians have indicated interest in self-guided educational opportunities and staff at the Muskie School successfully implemented a self-study program concerning medications for the elderly. A grant from the American Alliance of Cancer Pain Initiatives was awarded in 2005 to the Maine Hospice Council to continue its education of health care professionals about pain-related issues. The Muskie School was contracted to provide project research, writing, and organization of the study packet.

Publication Type: 
Project Brief
Publish Date: 
June 1, 2006