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Rural Active Living Assessment (RALA) Toolkit: Codebook and Assessment Tools


The RALA tools were developed using an evidence-informed framework and substantial input from rural residents, and were designed to balance the needs of practitioners (e.g., user-friendliness) and researchers (e.g., reliable measures). The modules capture specific physical activity amenities, programs and policies, as well as built environment features. The tools include: The RALA Codebook, Town-wide Assessment Tool, Program and Policy Tool, and Segment Tool. The RALA Codebook provides users with a practical and simple guide for implementing the tool in rural communities across the U.S. The development of the tools is described in Yousefian, et al. (2010, January). Development of the rural active living assessment tools: Measuring rural environments. Preventive Medicine, 50(Supplement 1), S86-S92.

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Web Page
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January 1, 2010