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Working Together: Maine's Strategic Plan to Maximize Employment for People with Disabilities


This strategic plan is the result of one year of collaborative effort by individuals and organizations representing Maine's public, private and educational sectors. But behind this plan are the stories of Maine citizens with disabilities who seek the increased quality of life that comes with the opportunity to work, build careers, and contribute to Maine's workforce. It is also about Maine employers who need skilled workers and a reliable workforce to be competitive in a global economy, and yet for various reasons have had mixed success in recruiting and retaining workers with disabilities. <p>After careful consideration of findings through consensus discussion and voting, six areas were determined to have the highest priority for action in 2006 and beyond. For each of these areas, available resources and opportunities are identified, together with recommended short- and long-term activities. These details for each of the six priority areas can be found in the full report.</p>
<br>1. Create an employer outreach and education plan</br>
<br>2. Ensure that Maine state government is a model employer for people with disabilities</br>
<br>3. Better support young people with disabilities who are transitioning from school to work</br>
<br>4. Improve and expand vocational rehabilitation services</br>
<br>5. Expand benefits counseling to people with disabilities who work, or who want to work </br>
<br>6. Enhance data collection about workers with disabilities and ensure that data can be shared by relevant agencies providing services</br>

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January 15, 2006