Division of Information and Technology

Use of Student Information Policy



The University of Southern Maine has designated certain information contained in the education records of its

students as Directory Information for purposes of FERPA. Such directory information may be publicly shared by the

University unless the student has taken formal action to restrict its release.

Directory information includes:

• name

• home address (not email address)

• local address

• phone numbers

• major

• class level

• date and place of birth

• student activities (including athletics)

• weight/height for athletic team members

• previous institution(s) attended

• dates of attendance

• date of graduation

• enrollment status (full-time or part-time etc..)

• degree(s) or award(s) received

Students wishing to prohibit the release of the directory information must file a written notification with the

Registrar=s Office. In the event that such written notification is not filed, the University assumes that the student does

not object to the release of the directory information.

Once a student graduates and becomes an alumni, USM has modified directory information to include all addresses,

including e-mail addresses, in addition to the information listed above. If an alumni takes additional classes after

receiving their degree, then the definition in the above paragraph takes precedence and addresses would not be

defined as directory information.

Access to Information from Outside the University

The public may receive directory information on students from the appropriate education records custodian unless

the student prevents disclosure through prior written notification filed with the Registrar=s Office. The public may

receive information from a student=s education record only from the appropriate education records custodian and

only on the basis of a written and dated request by the student.

Access to Information from Within the University

Access to a student=s education records is restricted to that portion of the records necessary to carry out official

University business. Information from such education records should be shared only with appropriate University

officials such as: University faculty, advisors, counselors, placement personnel, deans, department chairs, directors,

and other administrative officials responsible for some part of the academic enterprise or one of its supporting

activities; administrative and faculty sponsors of officially recognized organizations, members of official University

committees; and clerical personnel employed to assist university officials. These school officials must have a

legitimate educational interest in the record which is essential to the general process of higher education.

A more detailed description of FERPA and forms for preventing disclosure of directory information can be obtained

from the Registrar=s Office, Corthell Hall, Gorham Campus, 780-5230.