Disability Services Center

Registered Students

This section contains information that is of interest to students who are currently registered with the Disability Services Center. If you have any questions that are not answered by the information contained within this section, please contact the Disability Services Center directly.

To learn how to register with the DSC, check out "How to Register at the DSC" or contact us directly at (207) 780-4706 or dsc-usm@maine.edu.

Requesting Accommodation Letters Each Semester

The DSC asks students to request new Faculty Accommodations Letters prior to the start of each semester.  To request your letters, please complete the Accommodations Request Form online. Your faculty letter will be e-mailed to your maine.edu address within five business days.

Students who have experienced a change in their disability status or who feel their current accommodations are no longer helpful are encouraged to contact the DSC to schedule an appointment with their counselor, (207) 780-4706 or dsc-usm@maine.edu.  

Taking Your Tests at the DSC*

Students with testing accommodations are welcome to take their exams at the DSC.  To reserve your time and space, please complete the Testing Accommodations Request Form with your professor and return the form to the DSC no less than 4 business days before the exam. You may submit the form in person, by fax (207) 780-4403 or via e-mail to dsctests-usm@maine.edu.  You and your professor will receive an e-mail confirmation of your reservation.  If you do not receive your confirmation within 48 hours of submitting your form, please call our office (207) 780-4706.  Forms are available below in both fillable and printable formats.

Printable Forms

Printable Test Accommodations Request Form

Printable Final Exam Accommodations Request Form

Fillable Forms

Fillable Test Accommodations Request Form

Fillable Final Exam Accommodations Request Form

*Refers only to USM students.  Students enrolled at Maine Law should contact Dean Sherry Abbott to discuss testing accommodations.

Alternative Texts

Students with alternative text accommodations are encouraged to place their text requests online. Note that obtaining accessible text files from the publisher takes upwards of 3 weeks; please make your requests as early as possible.  Students are required to provide proof they have purchased their text in order to receive access to the accessible PDF.  Please be prepared to upload a copy of your receipt on the request page or bring a copy of your receipt to the DSC, 242 Luther Bonney Hall.  Receipts may also be submitted via fax (207) 780-4403 or e-mail to dscbooks-usm@maine.edu.  Please include your name and student ID or date of birth on all e-mail or fax correspondence.  All texts will be posted to the DSC Blackboard Books and Notes folder.

Note Taking Requests

Students should attend the first session of each class to determine whether they will need a note taker.  Requests for a note taker can be made via the online request form.  Please have your schedule available so you can complete the form accurately; all form fields are required.  You will be notified when a note taker has been secured.  All notes will be posted to the DSC Blackboard Books and Notes folder.  Exceptions to receiving notes via Blackboard should be directed to the Accommodations Coordinator at heather.dilios@maine.edu.  Questions regarding note taking services can be e-mailed to dscnotes-usm@maine.edu.  Also, check out our Note Taking FAQ to get answers to our more common questions.

DSC Blackboard Folder Instructions

The DSC utilizes a Blackboard Community Page to provide access to alternative texts, notes, announcements and forms.  Students are automatically enrolled in the DSC Community when they register with our office.  For instructions on how to locate the DSC Organization page and folders click here.

 Student Associates

The DSC is staffed with Student Associates who are here to proctor exams and assist students. How can the Student Associates assist you?  They can help you learn to

    • navigate Blackboard and MaineStreet
    • schedule tutoring appointments via the Learning Commons website
    • complete online faculty letter, note taking and alternative text requests
    • complete Testing Accommodations Request Forms
    • order your textbooks, access online reserves and journal databases