Disability Services Center

How to Apply for Housing Accommodations

DSC Housing Accommodations Request Procedure

New residential students must complete and submit a housing contract to the Office of Residential Life by May 1st for fall semester.  Returning students must complete a housing contract during the room selection process and follow the published deadline.

Complete and submit the attached DSC Housing Accommodations Request form by deadline for fall semester.  Requests made after the May 1st deadline will be honored on a space available basis.  Have your licensed medical or other licensed provider complete the DSC Provider Application.  Both forms may be submitted by e-mail to dsc-usm@maine.edu or printed and faxed to 207-780-4403 or mailed to DSC, PO Box 9300, Portland ME 04104.

Your request will be reviewed by the Housing Accommodation Committee.  This Committee is chaired by the Director of the Disability Services Center and membership includes representatives from University Health & Counseling and the Office of Residential Life.

You will be notified of the Committee’s decision in writing.

Evaluation of Disability-Based Housing Requests

Housing requests completed in compliance with the guidelines below are considered carefully and on a case-by-case basis.  Below are the three areas considered when evaluating housing requests.

Severity of the Condition

Is the impact of the condition life threatening if the request is not met?  Is there a negative health impact that may be permanent if the request is not met? Is the request an integral component of a treatment plan for the condition in question? What is the likely impact on academic performance if the request is not met?

 Timing of the Request

Was the request made with an initial housing request? Was the request made before the application deadline for housing requests for the semester in question? Was the request made as soon as possible after identifying the need?

Feasibility and Availability

Is space currently available that meets the student’s needs? Can space be adapted to provide the requested configuration without creating a safety hazard (related to electrical load, emergency egress, etc.)? Are there other effective methods or housing configurations that would achieve similar benefits as the requested configuration?