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Spring 2014 Husky Holla - Word

Spring 2014 Husky Holla - PDF

The Husky Holla is a concise reference guide to help Faculty and Staff better assist students in navigating the first few weeks of classes.  The guide has many exciting features including phone numbers that lead to real people, office hours, USM dates and traditions.  Download your copy of The Husky Holla today!

Teaching Students with Disabilities

A Desk Reference for Accommodating Students with Disabilities - Coming Soon

A Giude to Accommodations for Faculty, Staff and Students - Coming Soon

Universal Design for Learning

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a framework for designing curricula that enable all individuals to gain knowledge, skills, and enthusiasm for learning. UDL provides rich supports for learning and reduces barriers to the curriculum while maintaining high achievement standards for all.

For more information on UDL - CAST.org.


Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Blindness / Low Vision

Suggested Strategies for Students with Visual Impairments

Deafness / Hearing Impairment

Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students' Top Ten List for Faculty

DSC Student Profile Dylan Hedtler-Gaudette

Dylan Hedtler Gaudette, Class of 2014

Senior Dylan Hedtler-Gaudette was recently profiled by the Portland Press Herald and Public Radio International. 

Click here for the Portland Press Herald's profile. 

Click here to listen to PRI's The World segment regarding Dylan's work for R2P.