Disability Services Center

Summer Session Information

Summer Sessions at USM are of varying lengths with the longest session being seven weeks. To receive accommodations in a timely manner it is imperative that you contact DSC well in advance of your need for disability services or accommodations.


Students Registered with DSC

Students registered with DSC may enroll for summer courses on-line. Go to MaineStreet from USM home page > Student Self-Service and follow the directions. For more information or questions, call the USM Summer Session Office at (207) 780-5617.

Summer Accommodation Request

Submit an “Accommodation Request” form to DSC at least two weeks prior to the beginning of class. You can find the form by clicking on the following link. Accommodation Form

Requesting print materials in alternative formats

Reformatting print materials and textbooks requires a minimum of four weeks. Therefore, you need to provide your proof of purchase and/or bring the textbooks to DSC for reformatting at least 4 weeks prior to the first class session.


Students Not Registered with DSC

If you plan to request disability-related services you must be registered with DSC. You should allow at least three weeks to complete the registration process. To register with DSC:

Submit Documentation

At least three weeks prior to the first class meeting, provide appropriate documentation of disability (see disability guidelines) to DSC. If you are enrolled at another College, or University, and receiving disability services you can request that your disability documentation be forwarded from the other school to DSC via fax to 207-780-4403. DSC will review your documentation prior to an intake appointment. Determination of your eligibility for services is based on the presence of a disability and a need for services and accommodations in order to have equal access to educational opportunity.

If you will be requesting print materials in alternative formats you will need to submit your documentation at least six weeks in advance of the first class session. This time is needed to review your documentation, meet with you for an Intake Meeting and provide the reformatted materials. Reformatting print materials and textbooks can take as long as four weeks.

Attend Intake Meeting

The Intake meeting, the final step in the registration process, provides an opportunity to acquaint you with University policies and procedures for providing services. At this meeting we will discuss accommodations that are reasonable and appropriate for your situation and answer any questions you may have regarding the accommodation process.

Requesting print materials in alternative formats

Reformatting printed materials and textbooks requires a minimum of four weeks. Therefore, you will need to provide proof of purchase of text books to DSC as early as four weeks before the course begins. If you are a first time user of alternative formatted materials or have not used them in awhile training on the text to speech software can be provided.