EAST Program for STEM Students

URF Projects

2012 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships
  • Using Genetic Algorithms for Motif Inference to Search for Candidate Functional Elements in SCN2A
  • Searching for Candidate Functional Elements in Noncoding DNA Regions Around CFTR Using GAMI and MEME
  • Virtual Tours: User-friendly Crowd-sourcing Application Development and Effectiveness of Generating Interest in Prospective Students
  • B-Type Asteroid Classification Clarification
  • Systemic Analysis of the Chemical and Physical Properties of Salts of the Hydroxylated Boranes
  • Estimating the Generation of Disposable Propane Tanks in Maine
  • An Evolutionary Computation Approach to DNA Motif Inference with Highly Conserved Core Regions
  • Conservation Methodologies for Important Elements of Plant Biodiversity in Witt Swamp
Recently Completed Undergraduate Research Fellowships
  • Comparative Toxicity of Short-Term and Chronic Exposure to Lunar Dust and Its Component Particles in Human Skin Fibroplast Cells
  • Soil Trace Element Concentrations on a Historic Maine Island: A Pilot Study
  • State of the Aquifers in Maine: An Evaluation with Cross Comparisons to Calculate Our Probable Future Scenarios
  • Photometric Light Curve Measurements for Determination of the Rotation Period of Jovian Trojan Asteroid 4709 Ennomos
  • Genomic Analysis and Annotation of Bacteriophages Isolated from Rachel Carson Salt Pond and Allagash Ice Caves in Maine
  • It's Not Junk: Finding Candidate Functional Elements in Non-coding DNA
  • Investigating the Viability of Solar Power at a Site in Raymond, Maine
  • The Formulation of a Set of Standardized Body Landmarks to Aid in the Measurement of Three-Spine Sticklebacks
  • Investigating the Viability of Solar Power at a Site in Raymond, Maine
  • Changes in Gene Expression in the Prothoracic Gland of Manduca sexta
  • Using Genetic Algorithms for the Inference of Motifs Conserved in an Unknown Subset of DNA Input Sequences