Department of Economics

How to Apply to the USM Economics Program

Princeton Review University of Southern Maine Best in Northeast 2014 sticker logo imageThe process to apply to the USM Economics Program depends on whether you are a current, former, or first-time (new) student at the University of Southern Maine. The guidelines below will help you in this process. You can also visit the USM Undergraduate Admissions Web site, which has instructions and forms for new and returning students, including transfer students and international students.

Affordable Colleges Online logo imageNew Students

If you are a first-time (new) applicant to USM, please contact the USM Undergraduate Admissions Office to speak with an admission counselor, who will review the USM Economics Program requirements, USM admission deadlines, and the application materials you will need to submit to USM Undergraduate Admissions Office to apply to the USM Economics Program. Application to the USM Economics Program can be completed by mail or by using the online application form.

Current Students

If you are a current USM student and wish to change your major or declare the Economics major, please visit the USM Student Success Formbank to access the USM Change of Program (Major) form. Generally, the USM change/declaration of major process will involve meeting with your current USM Academic Advisor and obtaining her/his approval/signature on the relevant portion of your USM Change of Program (Major) form. You may also request a meeting with the Chairperson of the USM Economics Program to discuss program requirements and obtain approval/signature on the relevant area of your USM Change of Program (Major) form.

Former USM Students

The USM Undergraduate Admissions Office Web site contains detailed information for returning USM students regarding the student reactivation/readmission process. The USM Department of Economics welcomes applications from returning USM students and will be happy to assist you with the USM Admissions process.

Transfer Students

The USM Department of Economics welcomes students who intend to transfer to USM from another academic institution, as well as students who have earned an undergraduate degree at another academic institution. The USM Undergraduate Admissions Office is the first place to start the USM transfer process.

Out-of-State and International Students

The USM Department of Economics welcomes international applicants as well as students from other areas of the U.S. Please contact the USM UndergraduateAdmissions Officeor the Office of International Programs for more information about the International Student Admissions process.