Department of Exercise, Health, and Sport Sciences

Athletic Training Program Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Southern Maine Athletic Training Program is to deliver a comprehensive learning experience that will prepare students to excel as entry-level athletic trainers and productive professionals in a variety of clinical settings.  This program specializes in providing an incremental clinical examination model, emphasis in causal injury management, and abundance of active learning opportunities.  The program is committed to ensure the education is evidence supported and competency acquisition and mastery of proficiencies, as determined by the athletic training governing bodies, are assessed using quality instruments.

Goal 1:
Students will develop knowledge, behaviors, and skills from the Athletic Training Program curriculum.

1) Students will demonstrate clinical examination skills for injuries and illnesses.
2) Students will identify psychosocial recognition and referral strategies.
3) Students will demonstrate therapeutic management skills for injuries and illnesses.
4) Students will explain managerial strategies and practice regulation.
5) Students will demonstrate injury prevention skills.
6) Students will demonstrate acute care management skills.

Goal 2:
Generate student skill training in multiple contexts. 

1) Students will attend a variety of job settings as clinical sites.
2) Students will apply learned skills on a variety of populations.
3) Students will demonstrate professional behavior strategies.
4) Students will conduct acute care management skills.
5) Students will conduct learned skills with a variety of practitioners. 
6) Students attend a supervised practical training experience.

Goal 3:
Student development of critical thinking skills. 

1) Students will demonstrate decision-making skills.
2) Students will apply evidence-based practice.
3) Students will present case reports 
4) Students will present injury management protocols.
5) Students will analyze the process of research.

Goal 4:
Student preparation for Board of Certification examination. 

1) Students will produce a first-time pass rate of 70%.
2) Students will demonstrate educational competencies and proficiencies.
3) Students will prepare for Board of Certification examination process. 

Faculty Research

In this video highlighting faculty research at USM, Dr. Christopher Scott discusses his research regarding consumption of oxygen during exercise.

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