Department of English


Major Advising Coordinator for the Academic Year 2014-2015

Professor Lisa Walker
316 Luther Bonney Hall, Portland

At last count, the Department of English has about 250 active majors.  This makes us one of the largest majors in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Science.

With this many students, however, proper advising can be difficult.  We have therefore devised the following system.

Majors who have less than 54 credits will meet with an advisor in Student Success.  If you have more than 54 credits, you should choose an advisor in the English Department based on your interests and preferences.  This will be the person you meet with during pre-registration.  If you do not select an advisor, you will be randomly assigned one.  All English majors are encouraged to choose their own advisor.  At any time, you may request a change of advisor.  As a courtesy, please check with the advisor of your choice before notifying the administrative staff in the English Department of any changes. Pam LaRiviere, our Administrative Assistant, will process all changes of advisor.  Your current advisor is listed on your Student Center in MaineStreet.

The English Department would also like to introduce its new program in peer advising. Volunteer undergraduate peer advisors, who are English majors themselves, provide assistance to other majors. Are you interested in peer advising? If so, please contact the chair!

The Department of English has put together a Survival Guide to help you achieve your ultimate goal - a BA in English!  Includes info on the English major requirements, advice from other students/faculty, FAQ, and other pertinent information to help you complete your degree.