Department of English


Rereading Goethe, Rethinking Culture
Professor Gerald Peters’ book, "Rereading Goethe, Rethinking Culture," was recently published.
"Otherwise Unseeable" book by Betsy Sholl
Betsy Sholl, adjunct professor of English, published a book of poetry titled, “Otherwise Unseeable."
Faculty Senate Awards were presented to Professors Dean and Waldrep.
John Muthyala
A Faculty Senate Research Grant was awarded to Professor John Muthyala.
Professor Shelton Waldrep was recently named the 2014-15 USM Trustee Professor.
A USM professor of English who specializes in Scottish poetry, and particularly that of Hugh MacDiarmid, was honored for her research and scholarship in Scottish literature by one of the top literary organizations in that country.
Professor Gish's article "Time to educate those who make our education policy" appeared in the Off Campus section of the Portland Press Herald.
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