Department of Engineering

Engineering Curricula

Students are automatically assigned a curriculum based on their degree program and the catalog year of matriculation. During the course of the program, a student may opt for a more recent catalog year. To change catalog years, fill the Change of Catalog form and deliver it to the Engineering Department Office.

The charts below provide a graphical summary of the integrated engineering curriculum, showing all curricular options for the respective catalog year, and indicating a suggested sequence of courses for degree completion in 4 years. For your convenience, a tabular form is also provided for each of the degree options. For further description of the curriculum, consult the corresponding University Catalog.

Curriculum 2016/2017

Curriculum 2015/2016

Curriculum 2014/2015

Curriculum 2013/2014

Curriculum 2012/2013

Curriculum 2011/2012

Curriculum 2010/2011

Curriculum 2009/2010

Curriculum 2008/2009