Financial Aid Office

Loans Available for Students

  • Federal Perkins Loans - Funded by the federal government, the University, and former borrowers repaying loans, this program lends money to needy students.  No repayment is required until after the student ceases half time course of study.  Once repayment begins, the student is charged 5% simple interest on the amount borrowed.  While the monthly repayment amount varies with the amount borrowed, a minimum of $40 must be repaid each month.  Loans vary between $200 and $2,500 annually.
  • Federal Nursing Student Loans - Funded by the federal government, the University , and loans repaid by former borrowers, money is lent to needy nursing students.  Repayment terms are similar to those of the Perkins Loan.  Loans range from $200 to $2,500.
  • Federal Subsidized Direct Loan - This federal program allows students to secure low-cost loans.  Eligibility for Subsidized Direct Loans is based on demonstrated financial need.  Learn more about the program. 
  • Federal Unsubsidized Direct Loan - This program provides access to borrowing for students who do not qualify for need-based assistance.  The student is responsible for the interest as it accrues.  Learn more about the program. 
  • Federal Direct PLUS Loans - Graduate students, law students, and parents of dependent undergraduate students may borrow a Direct PLUS loan to help cover the student's college costs.  A student's dependency status and cost of education are determined using US Department of Education criteria.  Learn more about the program.
  • Alternative Loans - This alternative, credit-based loan program provides long term financing options for qualified families.  Learn more about the program.