Franco-American Collection

2013/4 Madeleine Giguère Scholarships Awarded

Congratulations to Hattie Freye of New Gloucester (pictured) and Leah Jutras of Auburn - the awardees of this year's Madeleine Giguère Scholarship.  Each will receive $1000 towards their studies at USM's Lewiston-Auburn College. The Madeleine Giguère Scholarship is awarded every year to up to three students who show an interest in Maine's Franco-American community, whether through their family background, career goals or academic studies.  Students must be enrolled at USM LAC for the upcoming school year (the award is open to incoming freshmen).  The scholarship is the result of a bequest by a co-founder of the Franco-American Collection, Professor Madeleine Giguère, and it aims to encourage the study  of Maine's Franco-Americans, a field which Prof. Giguère pioneered during her many years at USM. The deadline for applications for the 2014/5 academic year will be in March 2014.    Photo: Hattie Freye, one of the winners of the Madeleine Giguère scholarship for 2013-14, along with members of the board of directors of the Franco-American Collection.  From left: Gabe Couture, Collection Coordinator James Myall, Hattie Freye, Maureen Perry, Board Chair Roger Philippon.