Franco-American Collection

Collection Receives Association Canado-Américaine Donation

An historic banner, photographs, charter documents and awards are among the items donated by the former Court #52 (Paul Fortier) of the Association Canado-Américaine.  Following the buyout of the ACA, which is headquarted in Manchester, NH, by the Royal Arcanum, the members of the Lewiston chapter decided to donate several materials to the Collection.

The donation will augment the Collection's existing holdings on the ACA, which was an important fraternal benefit society for many years, with close ties to the Franco-American population.  Among its members were many prominent members of the local Franco community.

Association Canado-Americaine Gift

Left to right: ACA Treasurer Maurice Dubois, Secretary Jeanne Poulin, Regent Doloris Poirier, Collection Coordinator James Myall, and Orator Therese Banks (holding a photo of her father Charles Legaré, a former president of the society).