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Here you will find digitzed documents from the Collection which were either never copyrighted, or whose copyright has expired.  If you have questions about any of the documents, please contact the Collection Coordinator.  You can also submit a request for other material from the Collection.  It is often possible to digitize material on request.

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The Lewiston of To-Day (1913).  A catalog of notable Lewiston businesses and individuals, accompanied by photographs.  Many of these are Franco-American.  Also includes a history of the city and a summary of its government and fraternal organizations.  Listings do not appear to be in any particular order; since the document is OCR'd, you can search by using the "find" function (CTRL+F).

 Sixième Démonstration et Campement de la Brigade des Volontaires Franco-Américains de la Nouvelle Angleterre (Fall River, 1912).  A souvenir program of an encampment of the "Franco-American Volunteer Brigade" a quasi-military organization which brought together dozens of volunteer Franco-American rifle brigades from across New England.  Contains the names of the various units, as well as some individuals in their leaderships.

Mothon, Rev. Louis, "La Mission de Lewiston", L'Année Dominicaine (Paris, 1893), pp 241-251; 304-319; 349-58.  An account of the early Franco-American Community in Lewiston, as recounted by Rev. Louis Mothon, the first Dominican priest in the community, in the monthly bulletin of the Dominican Order in France.  Digitized by Google Books (oriignal here).


You can also view historic documents at the following sites:

Lewiston Historical Commission.  Historic Lewiston: Franco-American Origins (1972)

Lewiston Public Library

The Franco-American Library (a project of the Franco-American Center, Orono)

Google Books


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