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Glorianne Perrier

"As I put one foot in the boat, I went into the water.  That kind of woke me up and made me a little mad...I kept trying and they counted 21 times that I fell into the water in front of the dock.  I went home without paddling any.  They thought I would never come back, but I did...a year later, I was on the Olympic team in Rome"  

Glorianne Perrier, Tokyo, 1964

Lewiston-born Glorianne Perrier became an Olympic kayaker by accident, and in her first race, her task was simply to stay afloat and finish third in a field of three contestants. 

She would later go on to be US National K-1 Champion and win a silver medal in the 500m K-2 (doubles) sprint in the 1964 Olympics.


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