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Original Research

From time to time, Collection staff conduct original research on Franco-American topics.  Below you will find examples of these studies.

Please note that unauthorized distribution or publication of these items is prohibited.  Please submit a request if you would like to reprint or -publish any of the research.

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State Task Force on Franco-Americans (2012)

Work conducted for the benefit of the Maine Legislative Task Force on Franco-Americans in 2012.

Maine's Franco-American Population Centers.  From data gathered by the US Census Bureau for its American Community Survey. Click on each pin for details on the Franco-American population of each town.  Powered by Google Maps.

Entrepreneurs.  A showcase of Collection material on Franco-American businesses in Lewiston-Auburn.  Presented to Paul LePage in 2010 on the occasion of his election as Maine's first Franco-American Govenor.


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Researchers working at the Franco-American Collection.

The operation of the Franco-American Collection, its educational programs and the preservation of its materials are dependent on your generosity. 

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