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Roger Nadeau

"I met this woman...a Vietnamese that would do laundy...her daughter just had a little baby and I fell in love with the baby.  So we kind of adopted her, Muriel and I, after I told [the woman] that we didn't have any kids.  Muriel would...send toys...clothers for this little girl, and whenever I had some laundry done, they'd go out and get the baby...It was something that changed your mind.  It wasn't just war, war, war all the time."


Roger Nadeau (born Lewiston, Maine, 10/10/1941) dropped out of high school in the 10th grade.  At the age of 15, he began working full-time at Falcon Shoe, one of Auburn's many shoe shops.  Nadeau would go on to serve in the US Army during the Vietnam War. 

As a result of his army service, Nadeau gained his GED, and on retun to civilian life, he implemented a program at Falcon to help other workers gain their high school equivilency. 

This interview, with Tina Sirois, conducted December 14, 2012, Nadeau discusses his early life and schooling, his 42 years in the shoe industry, and his experience in Vietnam.

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