Franco-American Collection

Terms and Conditions for Use of Collection Material

Conditions Governing Reproduction and Publication or Use of Materials in the Franco-American Collection:

1. Permission will be granted for a single use in a single edition of a single publication or a single exhibition. Additional language editions and new editions or exhibitions will be considered upon application. Photographic material may not be reused without written permission ofthe Franco-American Collection (FAC). The FAC will not grant exclusive rights to the use of materials to any party or parties, and does not surrender its own rights to publish the material or to grant permission to others to use the material.  Materials requested for private research may not be included in publications without explicit permission from the FAC.

2. Decision to permit use of items from the Franco-American Collection will be made in compliance with USM Library Special Collections procedures, and with due regard for the nature and condition of the item. Retrieval and return of material must be arranged and supervised by the Franco-American Collection staff.

3. The expense of using any item from the Franco-American Collection is the responsibility ofthe applicant.

4. If a reproduction of a photograph, other graphic image, or object from the Library's special collection is cropped in any way, the caption must include the word "detail." Nothing may be superimposed on photographs made
available through the Franco-American Collection.

5. Credit must be given in the publication or production to clearly identifY the collection and University. The following formula is suggested: "Courtesy of the Franco-American Collection, University of Southem Maine Lewiston-Auburn College".

6. Applicant shall give to the FAC a complimentary copy ofthe publication in which the reproduced material appears.

7. Responsibility for compliance with copyright law and observation of other publication rights, including literary rights, rests with the applicant and not with the F AC. Applicant assumes full and complete responsibility for any infringement of copyright law or other publication rights which may grow out ofhislher use or publication of the material.

8. The F AC reserves the right to deny use of its collections to any party or parties failing to comply with these regulations.

July Hours

The Collection will be open the first three weeks of July on Tues., Wed., and Thurs. from 10 until 4.  It will be closed for vacation the last week of July.  The Collection will re-open on August 1 with its regular Mon.-Thurs. schedule.

Call 207-753-6545 or email if you wish to arrange some other time to visit.

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