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Build Scholarships

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Fund a Scholarship

The heart of philanthropy is making sure that financial difficulty doesn’t get in the way of talented people getting the support they need to change the world.

Teaching Through Experience

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Strengthen Academic Programs

You have the power to improve not only the learning experiences of students, but also the lives of the people who are impacted by our many experiential learning programs

Go Beyond the Classroom

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Open a Door for a Student

Great leaders in a field are shaped by their unique opportunities to learn through experiences such as travel programs or access to cutting edge lab technology.

Ways to Give

Philanthropy is Simple

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Make a Difference Today

Whether you’re looking to invest ten dollars in philanthropic giving or ten thousand, we’ll make sure your gift works hard to support our students and their work in the community

Make a Difference With Your Gift

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You Can Change Lives

Take the next step to make a difference not for one life or one class, but for generations of students with the talent and drive to change the world.

The Greatest Memorial

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Pay it Forward

Planned philanthropy is a powerful and diverse pathway to building a legacy that empowers learning and change for years to come.

The USM Foundation

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Learn More about the Foundation

You can join with other philanthropists to ensure the excellence of USM