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Scholarships at the University of Southern Maine

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The University of Southern Maine is dedicated to providing students with a high-quality, accessible, affordable education. Public institutions across the country face increasing challenges as costs rise and state expenditures for education decrease or remain close to flat.  In this environment, the role of individual, corporate and foundation philanthropy in providing support for students at USM via scholarships is increasingly important. 

The University of Southern strives to attract, retain and graduate the most exceptional students by increasing our capacity to award merit and need-based scholarships.

The following options provide opportunities to tailor scholarship support in a way that meets your philanthropic goals.  Please also consider meeting with one of USM’s staff members to discuss these options, and more, in order to maximize your impact on students at USM.

Unrestricted Expendable Scholarships

Allow USM to deploy your scholarship support strategically by providing unrestricted donations at any level to be awarded on an annual basis.  Either option below can also be named but established with minimal restrictions to allow USM to be responsive and flexible in utilizing your resources to help attract, retain and graduate students.

Named Annual Scholarships

Named Scholarships can be created with an annual commitment of $5,000 or more for four consecutive years (a minimum of $20,000).  The donor of a named scholarship provides support to one student to attain his/her degree.

Endowed Scholarships

An endowed scholarship allows an individual, family or corporation to retain their name on a scholarship in perpetuity.  With a minimum contribution of $20,000, the principal value will be invested in the University of Southern Maine Foundation, with income (typically 4%) awarded to students on an annual basis.  This allows for critical student support into perpetuity.

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David and Kaye Flanagan are Proud to Support Their Community 

David, USM’s president, and his wife Kaye, USM alum and active civic leader in southern Maine, were inspired to create a scholarship fund when they heard about the bequest left by Doc and Melissa Costello.

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The L-A Bridge Scholarship Eases The Path From Community College to LAC

Lucien and AnnaRose Gosselin are passionate about making four-year degrees more attainable for students at Central Maine Community College. They worked to raise funds for an endowment to make this scholarship available in perpetuity.

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