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Governance Document: Graduate Council By-laws


The Office of Graduate Studies is part of the Division of Academic Affairs. It houses the Office of Graduate Admissions and is headed by the Dean of Graduate Studies, who is appointed by the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs. The purpose of the Office of Graduate Studies is to facilitate all functions pertaining to programs beyond the bachelor's degree and to work with graduate students to enhance their graduate education. OGS provides centralized functions for consistency, functionality, and quality assurance for the various graduate programs, all of which are housed in USM colleges and schools. It is a clearinghouse for matters pertaining to graduate programs and graduate students.



Section 1
Responsibilities. The Graduate Council is the graduate faculty's advisory body to the chief academic officer regarding graduate affairs. The Council shall make recommendations to the Chief Academic Officer concerning the qualifications for designation as graduate faculty, the organization and administration of graduate affairs, the review of existing programs, and the development of graduate programming including the review of proposals for new graduate degrees and certificates, including combined graduate and undergraduate programs and degrees such as 3/2 and 4/1, and all other proposals that include graduate courses. The Council is charged to conduct all actions with consideration of the best interests of graduate education as a whole at USM.

Section 2
Membership. Each graduate program shall be represented on the Graduate Council by the program chair or his/her designee. "Program" is defined for this purpose as granting a unique degree. Only members of the Graduate Faculty are eligible for voting membership on the Graduate Council. One graduate student representative shall be appointed by the Associate Provost/Dean of Graduate Studies from students recommended by graduate faculty. The student representative will be a non-voting member. Programs that aspire to launch a graduate degree may petition for ex-officio membership on the council. Amended 2/10/2012.

Section 3
Chair. The Dean of Graduate Studies will serve as convener, chair and facilitator of the Graduate Council.

Section 4
By-laws. The Graduate Council shall establish by-laws for the conduct of its affairs and notice of meetings, agenda, and actions. By-laws shall be made available to all members of the graduate faculty and other interested parties.