Honors Program

Honors Leadership Development Scholarship

Honors Leadership Development Scholarship (for USM Honors Progam students), spring 2013 Definition of Honors Leadership Development Service:
All Honors Leadership Development Scholarship recipients are expected to engage in 25 hours of service per semester in activities which develop leadership abilities and attitudes as individuals or in projects of substantive community engagement. Recipients should document and reflect on the outcomes of each service activity as it relates to personal and community growth in a complete report at the end of the each semester. Recipients will receive $500 per semester for up to eight semesters while maintaining a minimum 3.0 GPA, good standing in the Honors Program, and completion of service hours.
Examples of Service and Leadership Activity Volunteer time for documented organizations. Create and oversee community activities. Significant engagement in a USM Student Organization; ongoing community program/project; committee leadership (such as the Honors Council). Mentor other students as a tutor or peer leader (oversight via an RA or Learning Center Advisor). Research providing significant benefit to a university or community project (not for course credit).
Examples of Leadership abilities and attitudes we hope you develop: (For more ideas, see Collaborative Leadership by David Archer, Alex Cameron) Willingness to take risks Continually develop your interpersonal skills, in particular: empathy, patience, tenacity, holding difficult conversations, and coalition building. Inject energy, passion and drive into your leadership style and the causes you care about Develop optimism about the future Have the confidence to share credit generously Find the personal motive for collaborating Find ways of simplifying complex situations for people Prepare for how you are going to handle conflict well in advance Recognize that there are some people or organizations you just can't partner with Have the courage to act for the long term Actively manage the tension between focusing on delivery and on building relationships Invest in strong personal relationships at all levels
Contact: Nancy Artz, director, USM Honors Program Honors Center - 250Luther Bonney Hall 780-4321 - artz@usm.maine.edu