Honors Program

Honors Program Graduation

Honors Program Graduation (Fall 2012 catalog):  thesis and non-thesis tracks offered.

 Students are encouraged to meet all of their USM Core curriculum requirements with honors courses.

 Thesis Track:  Graduation with General University Honors requires a cumulative USM GPA of at least 3.4 and the following coursework:

  • HON 101 - Honors Entry-Year Experience (or approved substitute)*
  • HON 201 - Honors Science Exploration
  • HON 310 - Honors Global Ethical Inquiry (or approved substitute)*
  • HON 311 and HON 411/412 Honors Thesis I and II/III (minimum grade of B-)
  • Three credits of additional honors coursework

 * Course substitution is possible if you cannot use HON 101 or 310 as part of your USM Core curriculum due to prior credit, major requirement, study abroad…

 Non-thesis Track:  An alternate honors designation is available for those who take an additional three credits of honors coursework in lieu of the six- to-nine-credit thesis.  The minimum USM GPA is 3.2.

 See your USM Academic Catalog for a complete listing of requirements in the Honors Program.

 Note: the Honors Program designation is separate from, and in addition to, cum laude, magna cum laude, and summa cum laude awarded solely on overall USM grade point average.