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"As a Junior here at the University of Southern Maine, I look back at what I have experienced so far as a college student, and see that being a member of the Honors Program has given me unique opportunities, shaping the way I think about the world around me. Living and working in such close proximity to other Honors students, I met many like-minded people whom I could share an educational interest with as well as a personal connection. Each and every member has something significant to say and can share with you innumerable insights that otherwise would never have been shared in such a capacity. I am grateful to be a member of the Honors Program and encourage all those who want to broaden their views on the world and people in general, to sign up for an HON course, have a seat, and introduce yourself to the person next to you. I can guarantee what they have to say is worth hearing."

Kyle D. Robinson3rd year USM+Honors, Fall 2013


"Living on the Honors floor and being an active part of the Honors program was most definitely the best decision I made in terms of shaping my college experience. I have classes with several of the girls on my floor, and we are all equally driven to do well academically. We also come together to do programs for fun, as well as to volunteer and do service for the community around us. Living on the honors floor instantly gave me several new friends here at USM starting right from the day I moved in. This was extremely helpful to me because I am a fairly shy person and was a bit concerned I wouldn't be very good at meeting new people. We all have our friends outside of the floor, but at the end of the day we always come together in the hallway to talk and do homework together, which has made my college experience far better than I had ever imagined.

Another wonderful aspect of the Honors program is the faculty involved with it. There are so many faculty members who are always willing to help their students succeed in whatever it is they are doing, which is a very nice thing to have as a new freshman in college. Because I am a freshman, I have only had experience with one honors class so far, but I look forward to the classes the program will allow me to take in future years.

Overall, the Honors program here at USM is one of the best groups I have ever been a part of, and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity to join. Even though it has only been three weeks so far for me it has already been a great experience, and I look forward to whatever else it brings my way."

Jordyn Cram 1st year USM + Honors Fall 2013


"At the beginning of the class, and this school year in general, I was very hard on myself and never knew that I was actually good enough. I would always compare myself to other people and always think I was lesser than. One thing you told me is that I am on my own scale, and I need to rate myself that way, not compared to other people. I have learned this amazing trait and have found that I am so much happier and more confident in myself as a writer and a performer in oral interpretation. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and I have become so much better and have so many tools to help me presenting or in other aspects I can use throughout my life."

Danielle Dalton 1st year @ USM + Honors


 Britney Meunier“Being in the Honors program has allowed me to experience and participate in many different things.

Compared to my regular classes, my honors class is new, exciting, and interesting. The program allows me to take part in service learning activities and volunteer work. Helping others is a great way to get to know people, get job experience, and have fun.

Being a Nursing major in the program, the classes help me with my public speaking and making connections with others. There are always emails being sent out about activities and other things happening on or off campus.

Not only am I a student of the program but I also work in the office which allows me to answer anyone's questions about entering the program whether they be incoming freshman, juniors wanting to fill a credit, and even parents.”

 Britney Meunier  2nd year @USM + Honors


 “The classes were small and easy to be part of. They really gave me Tony Manginodirection coming into the University experience.”

Tony Mangino 2nd year@ USM + Honors






 Amy Morrison“I enjoy the small class sizes and meeting people that are part of the Honors community.”

Amy Morrison 2nd year @USM + Honors






Mary Elizabeth Simms “The Honors Program provides an incredibly supportive environment that emphasizes learning both within and beyond students' disciplines.

Being in the program has given me the chance to explore areas that I never would have as a business major, such as philosophy and bioengineering.

The beauty of the Honors Program is that it provides the foundation of thought needed to understand and solve contemporary world issues as we are constantly pushed to think critically. In past classes we have addressed issues such as religious conflict and genetic engineering. “

Mary-Elizabeth Simms  3rd year @USM + Honors


 Garret McAlpine“Joining the Honors program at USM is the smartest thing I’ve done since coming back to school.

The Professors we have access to here are incredible. The small class sizes, the interdisciplinary approach and the service learning aspect all put students in an environment where they not only learn, but apply what they’ve learned outside of the classroom.

If you want to be challenged to think outside the box while in a hands-on learning environment, then join the Honors program.”

Garret McAlpine 3rd year @USM + Honors


Danielle Taylor"When I started the Honors program,      I found I was challenged to think differently about topics involving a variety of disciplines. Being in interdisciplinary classes with students from many multiple majors allowed me to experience many new ideas and opinions, while the small class sizes provide a relaxed and comfortable environment.

  • The Honors classes prepared me for the capstone of the program, writing an undergraduate thesis.
  • The Honors professors as well as other students provide support and assistance throughout the classes and thesis process
  • .The Honors program gives you a community of students and professors that are passionate about learning and will push you to think about the world in a whole new way.
  • The Honors program is a fun and interesting way to expand your thinking as well as develop relationships with other students and professors.

 I never could have attempted an undergraduate thesis without the guidance and skills acquired through the Honors program!"

Danielle Taylor 4th year @USM + Honors

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