Honors Program

Honors Student Testimonials

Image of Caucasian young man in front of world map"My name is Nikolas Frazee and I am majoring in Anthropology and Tourism here at USM. I was invited to Honors my freshman year and I am so happy that I accepted. I have met a large portion of my friends, and social network through the Honors Program. I have been able to take classes that are thought provoking and engaging. I have also been able to be a part of one of the most knowledgeable, skillful, and fun programs here at USM.  The USM Honor’s Program has had a profound positive impact on my college education. Not only does the program offer fantastic classes and community, but it also promotes volunteerism and community engagement. I believe that Honors is a well-rounded and far reaching program, one of the best at USM.  I am more than excited to see the future of the Honor’s Program and what other great things the program can accomplish. Honor’s does so well for its students, USM, and the greater Portland community, and I can’t wait to see what we accomplish in the future!"

"I transferred to USM from a small liberal arts college, where classes were small in size and wherePicture of smiling young Caucasian woman. students were encouraged to learn from each other in a diverse and open environment. I decided to join the Honors Program at USM because it is able to offer these same benefits to students, while also being a part of a large metropolitan university that is able to provide many other excellent programs and courses, such as the USM School of Nursing of which I am a student. What I love about classes offered through the Honors Program is that they expose students to a plethora of diverse topics while encouraging students to challenge their beliefs and assumptions. In addition, with seminar style courses, the Honors Program gives students a unique opportunity to be in control of their own education while engaging with peers who have the same passion for academics. Being a part of the Honors Program is one of my favorite things about studying at USM, and I know that I am the student I am today because of this amazing program!"

Shawna Miserve, 3rd Year Honors Student


"Here at the University of Southern Maine, I look back at what I have experienced so far as a college student I and see that being a member of the Honors Program has given me unique opportunities, shaping the way I think about the world around me. Living and working in such close proximity to other Honors students, I met many like-minded people whom I could share an educational interest with as well as a personal connection. Each and every member has something significant to say and can share with you innumerable insights that otherwise would never have been shared in such a capacity. I am grateful to be a member of the Honors Program and encourage all those who want to broaden their views on the world and people in general, to sign up for an HON course, have a seat, and introduce yourself to the person next to you. I can guarantee what they have to say is worth hearing."

Kyle Robinson, Graduating Honors Senior


"As a student here at USM I feel that my involvement with the Honors Program has been a great decision for me. The honors classes I have taken thus far have challenged me to approach issues in new ways, giving myself a broader understanding of course material, leading to a wider perspective of the world around me. Overall, the USM Honors Program has been a great experience for me. I am very thankful to have been a part of it and plan to continue my involvement throughout my college career."

Jordyn Cram, Graduating Honors Senior