Honors Program

Casco Bay Thematic Cluster presentation

The Casco Bay Estuary Partnership (CBEP), hosted by the Muskie School of Public Service, was formed to protect and restore the water quality and fish and wildlife habitat of Maine’s Casco Bay ecosystem while ensuring compatible human uses. The Partnership consists of municipal officials, state and federal agencies, quasi-governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, local businesses, and interested citizens. CBEP implements and coordinates more than 30 projects in the five priority areas of the Casco Bay Plan: water quality and stewardship; habitat; storm water; clam flats and swimming beaches; and toxic pollution.

As the start of a series of events for the Casco Bay Region Thematic Cluster, the presentation by Curtis Bohlen, was included as part of HON 310 - Honors Global Ethical Inquiry: Nine Billion People, One Damp Rock.