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Renowned Zen Buddhist Roshi and social activist Bernie Glassman was in Portland this week to give a talk at St. Luke’s Cathedral on State Street about “Living a Life that Matters”.
Jacob Chamberlain (USM +Honors, 2009) is an Associate Editor at Common Dreams.
Who's to blame for the student debt crisis?
First year students meet at Honors Orientation in the Portland Honors Center on August 23rd.
Thurday, March 21st Professor Conway read from his newly published book,THE ALCHEMY OF TEACHING . THE ALCHEMY OF TEACHING takes readers into the messy, wondrous struggle for human change that occurs in classrooms.
Casco Bay Islands
March 11th, Polly Kaufman's Honors Maine Islands class attended a presenation by Matthew Edney (Professor American New England Studies, Geography-Anthropology & Osher Map Library) covering the history of cartography in Casco Bay.
On February 14th, Curtis Bohlen, Director, Casco Bay Estuary Partnership, presented "Looking Uphill: A Casco Bay Perspective on the Impact of Human Activities on the Coastal Environment".
Honors 102 class, Confrontation and Cross-Fertilization Among Medieval Cultures, ​explores the intersections between Judaic, Christian, Muslim and non-monotheistic relgious-based cultures during the Middle Ages. Wednesday, January 30th, the class visited Temple Beth El in Portland for a tour and history by Rabbi Carolyn Braun.
The Honors Program moved on January 7th, to 253 Luther Bonney Hall in Portland. 253 Luther Bonney is the Honors central area. Our offices are surrounding 253 as well as study space, a conference room and a classroom. All Honors classes meeting in Portland will be in the new Honors classroom.
Belong to a community of engaged students, committed faculty and staff! Students interested in sampling an Honors course this spring should email: bround@usm.maine.edu, for a special code on Mainestreet.


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