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Thinking Matters is an annual student research symposium that showcases innovative learning and creativity. Through Thinking Matters, high quality student-faculty research collaborations and opportunities are available to both graduate and undergraduate students. It’s an event that allows students and faculty to share their work with each other, their colleagues, and the general public. Students are encouraged to participate and present their research as posters or oral sessions.



A Student Research, Scholarship, and Creativity Symposium

On April 22, 2016, the University of Southern Maine, in coordination with Southern Maine Community College, will convene the annual University-wide exhibition of student research, scholarship, and creative achievement, known as THINKING MATTERS, on the USM Portland campus.

The goals of the symposium are to encourage student scholarship and creativity, to foster intellectual camaraderie, and to celebrate student-faculty collaborations in a public forum.

Students from all academic disciplines and divisions are invited to present papers or posters on any aspect of their classroom work, independent study, internship, student teaching, clinical research, or any other scholarly or creative project.

USM and SMCC faculty and mentors are encouraged to promote student attendance, to integrate the event into their course schedules, and to foster participation within their units.


Need Help with your abstract? See our USM Thinking Matters Library Guidelines.



Students should select the scholarly area and the presentation type that is most appropriate for their project. The presentation options are listed below:

ORAL PRESENTATION -- Oral presentations will be organized and grouped into several 75-minute long disciplinary/interdisciplinary sessions based on the overall distribution of abstracts submitted. Students and mentors are also welcome to form and submit complete panels. Students who require audio/visual equipment should indicate this on their submission.  While the length of oral presentations may vary, they typically run 12-15 minutes. The Oral Session panels will be held concurrently with the poster session during the day on Friday, 4/22/16 in Abromson.

POSTER PRESENTATION -- Posters will be attached to bulletin boards that are 3 ft. tall and 4 ft. wide. Studio art presentations are also welcome. For the latter, the abstract proposal must be accompanied by a description of the size, media, and artist's statement of intent.  One poster per abstract will be printed free of charge if submitted on time (see website for more information). The Poster Session presentations will be held during the day, Friday, 4/22/16 in Abromson.

Questions about THINKING MATTERS should be directed to:

Rebecca Nisetich, Interim Director of Honors Program, Rebecca.Nisetich@maine.edu, (207) 780-4189.

The University of Southern Maine shall not discriminate on the grounds of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin or citizenship status, age, disability, or veteran’s status in employment, education, and all other areas of the University. Participants or attendees with a disability should contact Rebecca Nisetich, 780-4189, with requests or questions about accommodations.


The submission deadline for posters will be Wednesday, April 6, 2016.




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